Below you will find some examples of the PV-Projects Agency’s operations.

Development of Solar Vocational Training Centres (SVTC’s) and sales structures in attractive African markets

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Introduction of innovative financing mechanisms with special emphasis on entrepreneurial use of electricity in low-income regions

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Implementation of beacon projects, e.g.: Photon Energy dena-RES-project 2013-15 in Australia

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PV-PA’s The international Solar Employee/Entrepreneur (TiSE/E) Intensive Training Concept


In the year 2013, talking and meeting with Prof. Michael Hartmann, Vice President of Teaching at SRH Hochschule Berlin, we had the idea to develop and implement an intensive vocational training program for future international entrepreneurs at the university.

As to PV-PA’s experience in the past, many German and western solar companies struggle hard in finding qualified and reliable sales and installation partners in their target markets abroad, while no adequate and efficient training formats to meet this lack do exist.

The conceptualization of the new training format, from the beginning on, focused on the transfer of essential necessary hard and soft skills for employed or independent future solar industry partners. Die Schulungen sollten die langen Erfahrungen und das Wissen der Agentur auf die Teilnehmer übertragen, die Vermittlung alltäglicher Aufgaben aus den Bereichen Vertrieb und Installation durch Vertreter renommierter Industrieunternehmen, SRH-Dozenten bzw. Business-Coaches und einem insgesamt sehr starken praktischen Seminar-Charakter/Bezug erfolgen. Insgesamt war es das Ziel, die Teilnahme der Trainees u.a. durch Vorqualifizierung,  Online-Vorbereitung und starke Nähe zur Wirtschaft, sowie durch konkrete Projektbesprechungen (bspw. Aufnahme von Lehrtätigkeiten im Heimatland im Rahmen des German Solar Academy Network –  GSAN) so effizient und effektiv wie möglich zu gestalten.

Seit Anfang 2016 laufen nunmehr im jährlichen Rhythmus mit großem Erfolg Solare Winterschulen und das Solar Summer Team-up! an der SRH Hochschule Berlin.

Consultancy for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH – German Development Cooperation

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Pilot Projects

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Passive-house construction works of a kindergarden at a school in Greece

An educational establishment in Athens that is of profound public interest is planning on constructing a new kindergarten while maintaining a low level of energy consumption and paying particular attention to ecological awareness during its construction, as this is a key concern for the school. Along with an architectural office and a contractor for sustainable constructions and living from Lüneburg, PV-Projects is planning and coordinating this venture which is intended to commence in mid-2011.

Delegation trip to Calcutta, India

On 6th Mai 2010 the PV-Projects Agency attended an event in Calcutta focussed on interconnecting and globalising businesses in the solar industry as well as informing about current developments in the industry. It was organised by the Business Travel Program of the German Chamber of Commerce Abroad and the Federal Ministry of Economics with a focus on India as a significant future market. India has enormous potential to produce great amounts of solar enrgy and its “National Solar Mission“ aims at reaching a capacity of 22 GW by 2022.

Find out more about the event and have a look at the following Link, the presentation of our agency you find here.

Solar roof construction in Tanzania

In 2007 the company Energiebau started this project co-ordinated by Matthias Raab, as part of the solar roof program by the German Energy Agency (dena). The most important component of the pilot plant located at a training centre in southern Tanzania is the 8.1 Wp PV-system as well as the Jatropha-generator used as an electricity back-up.

The PV-Projects Agency intends to help businesses expand their markets globally and develops new reference and demonstation projects. If interested, you are welcome to

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