Business executive of the PV-Projects Agency, Matthias Raab (Short Bio), has been engaged in the solar energy industry for 15 years and has experience in the field of renewable, especially solar energy. His interdisciplinary market knowledge has helped him develop excellent market penetration skills of which there is an international awareness. Matthias Raab has established contacts in various countries including Indonesia, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, the USA, Spain, South Africa, Madagascar and Morocco, from which his agency can benefit greatly.

Whilst Matthias Raab was doing his dimploma in Geography, which he completed in 2001, he already showed commitment concerning the uses of solar energy, which he has been vocationally occupied with since university. Starting off as a sales department employee for solar cell and module production company SCHOTT Solar GmbH, he next worked for the German Energy Agency (dena) in the domain of foreign trade and investment promotion. The “dena solar roof program” was a main project he worked on and helped to establish during his time there.

Matthias Raab’s academic and business stays abroad, both professional and individual dedication, as well as further training have enhanced his knowledge and helped PV-Projects win international recognition.

The main areas of his occupational activities in the past were:

  • development, marketing and sales of off-grid PV-systems, grid-connected rooftop-mounted installations and large power stations

  • political and economic advice

  • project implementation and campaigns evolving around renewable energy

  • coordination, conduction and evaluation of feasibility studies, assessments, concepts and offers

  • procurement, evaluation and processing of information related to the markets for renewable energies