1. SRH Solar Summer Team-up!

SRH Hochschule Berlin and PV-PA cordially invite you to participate in the

1. SRH Solar Summer Team-up!

Carried out in different locations in Bavaria and Berlin, this 5-modular Solar Summer School complements the “SRH Solar Winter School” and also completes „The international Solar Entrepreneur/Employee (TiSE/E)“ training concept of the PV-Projects Agency, Berlin.

From June 15 till July 06, 2016 we will

- talk about concrete projects and potential business cases

- further develop your essential marketing/sales and technology know-how skill-set for PV off-grid applications and

- do intensive networking at the Intersolar trade show, on- and off-grid.

Feel free to choose from the following modules and get in touch with us, also in case of any questions:

M1 at home: Online training preparation (2 weeks) , starting May 03, 2016

M2 in Berlin: Teaming-up, projects talk, company visits, small specific and personal experts training I (5 days) , June 15-18 + June 20, 2016

M3 in Munich: Visit to Intersolar trade show with side events and project talks (4,25 days) , June 21 evening + June 22-25, 2016

M4 in two Bavarian locations: Hands-on system design and technology at industry partners/guesthosts (“tech dive”) (5 days) , June 27 – July 01, 2016

M5 in Berlin: Teaming-up, projects talk, small specific and personal experts training II (3 days) , July 04-06, 2016

Project Description and module/package prices via: